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Story Idea #1

I haven’t actually written a story in awhile, probably not since high school. I figured I wasn’t all that great, so why even try? But writing takes practice, just like everything else. So here’s a little bit of practice.

I want to do a horror/comedy story… or maybe just horror. I’m not exactly sure you can put the two together like that without an extreme amount of talent. Se7en is one of my favorite horror movies (If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest renting it on some dreary afternoon) so I might try something with the seven deadly sins. Why not… characterize them some how? You’ve got:

Vanity: Extremely vain (obviously), obsessed with her looks, thinks everyone is jealous of her

Sloth: Guy… um… kinda slow (like a sloth)? Kind of… slothlike???

Greed: Could be some sort of business man, very… greedy

Wrath: My landlord… just kidding. Angry angry man. Has constant road rages and the like.

Lust: Pretty lustful girl

Gluttony: Not only accumulates food and weight, but also many things around him. (Have you guys seen hoarders?)

Envy: Girl, hates Vanity with a passion. This envy poisons everything she is around.

Okay… obviously it will be a little bit harder to characterize these guys if their only traits are those given by their sin. They need to be people too, have lives and aspirations. Unless they’re some form of immortal being or something they need to have a complex human existence. So, what kind of story do we want to have here?

Story: Maybe its the end of the world? (Hey, its 2012. Why not?) Or maybe it’s just before the end of the world. An Angel (we shall name him… later) needs them to get their act together before they usher in the apocalypse. Maybe instead of just exhibiting the traits themselves, they inspire their sins in other people? Maybe their sins are like some sort of contagion and the more they embrace them the more they spread? So the angel comes to reform them to push back the apocalypse, but there’s that whole free will problem. They have to make the changes on their own. (Maybe they join a seven deadly sins support group of something?)

Angel: Handsome-ish… has a hard time fitting in with our world because he expects people to do the right thing, starts picking up on the sins of the flesh, smokes? (he is picking up some vices after all), in general becoming disillusioned with the world and wondering if it’s worth saving

That’s all I’ve got so far. If you like it, please comment. If you have constructive criticism pretty please comment.

See you soon,


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First Post! (And an explanation)

I highly doubt that anyone will find this blog, especially because I’m not telling anyone that I’ve made it. If some passing traveller does stumble upon this, welcome! Essentially, this is here to be therapeutic so I can see all of my thoughts in one place. Right now I’m a college student with a double major in Psych and English, which keeps me plenty stressed and busy. To relax I write, crochet, see movies (especially horror movies), and read! Now, this might not seem all that exciting, but I figure that Life is only as exciting as you’re willing to make it. So here we go Tumblr, let’s see what we can do.